air bike introduction

air bike introduction

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Aug. 20, 2020

What is the air bicycle?

The air bicycle only relies on the force of the body to control the speed, which is the real green low-carbon treadmill. Fan bike convert kinetic energy through wind driving, and provide high-quality resistance output through a high-performance drive system, making exercisers more efficient. The more force you step on, the more resistance the bike will give you, and the maximum training intensity will be reached instantly.

JinAo air bicycles are exquisite and reasonable in design, have a very small space occupation rate, are convenient to move, and can be placed wherever you want.

The air bike responds to the exerciser's strength and reduces energy waste. The harder you pedal, the greater the resistance generated; the greater the resistance, the higher the training intensity, and you can freely control the training intensity.


Durable structure design

The durable forged chromium-molybdenum steel structure allows Jinao wind resistance bicycles to withstand the highest intensity of exercise. The steel structure crankshaft has excellent strength and durability, strong and reliable. The proven chain drive system reduces maintenance requirements.

Equipped with an ergonomically designed custom seat cushion with sweat-proof function, a comfortable square adjustable seatpost and multi-directional handles to provide a variety of personal training forms. At the same time, the biomechanical design ensures the correct exercise posture.


Newly designed console

The intuitive screen and comprehensive data recording provide you with more intuitive and instant feedback during fitness, providing better immersion and data guidance. The combination of a variety of built-in applications and customized programs helps you train more scientifically and efficiently. The central control has its own POLAR wireless service to monitor the heart rate during exercise and the average calories burned per minute in real time.

The calibration technology can ensure that different wind resistance kinetic energy bicycles produce accurate and consistent results, which is suitable for challenges and competitions.

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Advantages of wind resistance bicycle:

The wind resistance bicycle is a new type of exercise bike that is linked with hands and feet. When the pedal is stepped on, it drives the arm to move, which is more effective than a single exercise bike.

Secondly, the wind resistance bicycle does not have the flywheel of the spinning bicycle, and it will not cause sports injuries due to the huge inertia during exercise, so it is relatively safer.

Finally, wind resistance bicycles are designed with unlimited wind resistance. The faster the movement, the greater the resistance, but the control is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and it is not easy to break. At the same time, the power of wind resistance is also very effective for training the strength and endurance of the individual's upper limbs.