Difference between plate loaded and selectorized training machines

Difference between plate loaded and selectorized training machines

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Dec. 17, 2021

Single station strength equipment is divided into two basic categories, plate loaded and selectorized. Equivalent strength machines function almost identically in terms of the workouts performed and their effectiveness. For example, both selective leg lifts and plate loaded leg lifts will provide you with the same benefits and results. Both types of strength equipment differ in terms of setup and maintenance, and they each have advantages and disadvantages.

Plate loaded strength machines

Plate loaded strength machines require the use of traditional round plates, the same plates used on barbells. These plates are hung on the machine, and while they usually have limitations, the maximum weight of a plate-loaded machine is usually much more than the weight of the selected equipment. On the other hand, machines loaded with plates can also be used with much lighter weights than the minimum weight on the machine of choice. The disadvantage of a plate loaded strength machine is that it requires effort to change the weight. The user must leave the machine to change the weight, which can disrupt their daily work. More importantly, users who wish to lift a large number of heavy objects may have to make multiple trips to bring all the weights to the machine. For this reason, users tend to stay on each machine for longer periods of time, which can be a problem for commercial gyms. One positive aspect is that plate-loaded strength equipment is often more cost effective than select machines. Instead of buying a set of counterweight plates for each machine, the gym owner must pay for each counterweight block on each machine.


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Selectorized strength equipment

Selectorized strength equipment is a unit with one or more counterweight blocks, which are rectangular counterweight plates attached to a frame and utilizing a pulley system. Users can choose how much weight they want to lift by inserting the key into the desired weight stack. All weights inserted above the key will also be lifted and held in place by the two rods that pass through each weight. Adjusting the weights on the selection machine is very simple and only takes a few seconds. This also makes it easy for you to find out your maximum strength instantly. Many select strength training machines are carefully designed so that you can adjust the weights without even having to get up and interrupt your workout. The main drawback to choosing equipment is the weight limit.


In short, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of strength training machines. In general, commercial gyms should favor machines with options. They are easier to use than flat machines and allow the user to get off the machine faster, which is critical to a successful gym. There is also less weight around, which can prevent injuries. For home gyms, flatbed machines are a good investment because they are cheaper. In addition, users can reuse the same weights as the barbell, eliminating the need to purchase more weights, thus saving even more money. Depending on your situation, both plate loaders and selective machines are viable options, and luckily JinAo Fitness has both!