Rower Exercise

Rower Exercise

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Sep. 15, 2020

Among the fitness equipment, the rowing machine is a device with many functions, and the benefits of the rower exercise are also many. Let's take a look at the benefits and attentions of the rowing machine exercise.


What are the benefits of rower exercise

  1. Build muscles

   During the exercise of the rowing machine, about 90% of the muscles of the whole body can be exercised. It not only exercises the abdominal muscles, but also has a better exercise effect for the lower back, latissimus dorsi, biceps, deltoid muscles, and arm strength.


  2. Move cervical joints

   Rowing machine exercise has the least impact on people's joints. In addition, in the process of using the rowing machine, each joint of the spine can be effectively moved, so that each joint of the cervical spine can be exercised.


  3. Weight loss

   rowing machine exercise can accelerate the burning of excess body fat while exercising muscles, especially for people with a lot of fat in the waist, abdomen and upper arms, and can help lose weight.


  4. Improve cardiopulmonary function

   Rowing machine exercise can improve the body's cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the body's metabolism. Regular exercise can help prevent the occurrence of various diseases.


  5. Relieve back pain

The    rowing device can maximize the range of motion of the back in the extension and flexion of the body. Effectively exercise the stretching muscles, especially for the lower back. It can alleviate the symptoms of back pain and improve the physical flexibility of the back pain muscles.


  6. Exercise coordination

   The rowing motion simulated by the rowing machine can exercise the muscle functions of the back and upper and lower limbs, thereby improving the coordination of muscle activities.

What to pay attention to when using the rowing machine

   1. It is not advisable to exercise rowing machine immediately before and after the meal, pay attention to master the essentials.


  2. When doing rowing movements, pay attention to the continuity of the movements. Don't stop every stepping movement, and the movements must be in place, otherwise it will not be effective.


  3. If you want to lose weight through the rowing machine, you must exercise at least 30 minutes each time, and exercise at least 3 times a week.


How to correctly use rowing machine

     1. Warm up before exercise

  Before you use the rowing machine to exercise, you must warm up so that all parts of your body can be put into exercise faster. Such as jogging, raising legs, swinging legs, stretching, etc., the time is 5-10 minutes, just let the body slightly heat up.


  2. Preparation before exercise

  The feet are placed on the pedals and fastened with belts to ensure that they will not move freely. Be careful not to go barefoot, as it is easy to cause pain in the soles of the feet during exercise. Hold the handle tightly, but don't be too tight, it will make your forearm fatigue faster.


  3. Correct posture during exercise

   When I started using the rowing machine, my knees were bent like my chest, and the upper body was slightly tilted forward. You should raise your head and chest, not bend down. Then start to kick hard, straighten the legs, and pull the handle to the upper abdomen with the contraction force of the latissimus dorsi. When the legs are fully straightened, lean back to achieve the best results. But don't lean too much, it will easily cause back muscle strain, just lean about 11 degrees. Finally, straighten your arms, bend your knees, and move your body forward to return to the state it was at the beginning.


   4. The four stages of exercise

   The use of the rowing machine In addition to mastering the basic exercise posture, the rowing machine movement can also be divided into four stages: entering the water, pulling the oar, exiting the water and returning to the oar.


   (1) Water entering stage

  Torso: Fix and maintain the forward angle after the return stage.

   Upper limbs: relax and straighten the arms and relax the shoulders.

   Lower limbs: The knee flexion angle that the individual feels comfortable, is about the calf (tibia) perpendicular to the slide rail.

  (2)Pulling stage

  Torso: The expansion of the body angle is to wait for the leg kicking action to be completed, and to complete the pulling action together with the upper limbs.

      Upper extremity: In the early stage of drawing, the support of the arm is more important. Although it is not the main source of power, the closer to the water stage, the hand will bend and the back muscles are used backwards. The combined force of the two is more important.

      Lower limbs: The force exerted by the foot on the pedals is the first to start in the pulping process, and is also the most important source of strength. Therefore, quickly using the thigh strength to stretch the angle of the knee joint is the key to determining each pulp.

       (3) Water discharge stage

   Torso: Moderately reclined.

        Upper limbs: Pull the grip under the ribs.

        Lower limbs: The legs are completely straight.

       (4) Back to paddle stage

   Trunk: Lean forward moderately in the direction of the leaf fan.

   Upper limbs: The shoulders are relaxed and the arms are gradually straightened.

        Lower limbs: When the body finishes leaning forward and the arms are in a relaxed and straight state, the legs slowly bend the knees.


        5. Each exercise should be no less than 30 minutes

   rowing machine exercise wants to receive the exercise effect, you need to ensure that each exercise time is at least 30 minutes. At the beginning of exercise, you can do 4-6 groups with moderate resistance. Each group of 10 minutes of exercise, rest 2-3 minutes in between. In this way, the heart rate will not drop all the way, and you can always prepare to increase the intensity.

       6. Attentions on the use of rowing machine

   If there is a problem with the back itself, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using the rowing machine. The elbow can be close to the body, and the effect of arm strength can be better. 1 During use, the back should be kept stopped. When rowing, use the back and back to exert force, which may easily lead to sports injuries.


What muscles does the rowing machine exercise?

      1. Exercise the biceps

   The biceps brachii is located on the front side of the upper arm, and the whole muscle is in the shape of a fusiform. When using the rowing machine, every stroke can also stimulate the biceps and exercise the biceps.

  2. Exercise the triceps

   The bending and straightening of the elbow joint cannot be separated from the function of the triceps, and the bending and straightening of the elbow is indispensable during the rowing machine exercise, so it can also exercise the biceps.

  3. Exercise forearm muscles

The forearm muscles can control the movements of the hands and wrists. During the exercise of the rowing machine, the use of the rowing machine for arm movements is indispensable for the control of these muscles, so it can also exercise the forearm muscles. Enhance arm strength.

      4. Exercise deltoid muscle

   deltoid muscle, also known as "tiger head muscle", can play the role of shoulder joint abduction. When using a rowing machine to simulate rowing motion, it can also exercise the deltoid muscle.

      5. Exercise the back muscles

The most important thing about rowing machine exercise is to exercise the back muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi. The latissimus dorsi is a large flat muscle located in the lower part of the chest and back area and the superficial layer of the waist area. When using the rowing machine, the back can be placed in front of the body. There is a greater range of motion in flexion and extension, so that the latissimus dorsi can be exercised in it.

     6. Exercise the abdominal muscles

   When using the multi-function rowing machine, it has many functions such as lying on the bike, doing sit-ups, rowing, etc., which can exercise the abdominal muscles well.

     7. Exercise leg muscles

      When rowing machine exercises, the leg muscles will also contract and stretch completely at one time during dinner, which can be well exercised.