Strength Exercise And Aerobic Exercise

Strength Exercise And Aerobic Exercise

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Oct. 15, 2020

     As for strength exercise and aerobic exercise, I believe everyone knows that these two exercises are more common exercises in life. If you practice these two sports regularly, it is helpful to people. When you exercise, you can choose which exercise is better and you can take a look at the difference. What is the difference between strength exercise and aerobic exercise? You can take a look together.


The difference between strength exercise and aerobic exercise

   1. Different energy metabolism systems

Everyone should also know that in the process of strength training, everyone needs to consume more energy. Aerobic exercise belongs to aerobic metabolism. Although it also costs everyone’s energy, it can also bring you a certain amount of aerobic metabolism. . But strength training may belong to anaerobic exercise, and anaerobic exercise belongs to anaerobic metabolism. This is actually a relatively essential difference between the two, and it is also a point that everyone must distinguish.

      2. Different energy required

When you do aerobic exercise, the energy consumed by the body is actually solved by oxidizing the starch, fat, and protein in the body, but in this process, we don’t consume too much energy, and It also differs from person to person. Although the muscle groups of the whole body will participate in exercise, it will not exhaust our body energy. And if you do strength training, you need to consume a lot of energy, and you are likely to sweat a lot during the exercise, and if you do anaerobic exercise, the energy required is actually provided by the decomposition of blood sugar. In this process, oxygen is not required, so this is also the gap between the two.

     3. Maximum heart rate is different

Heart rate is actually a very iconic thing during your exercise. If you are doing aerobic exercise, your heart rate is actually the largest, and it stays between 60% and 80%. In other words, this The heart rate is also relatively reasonable, and if you do aerobic training, you will definitely have a higher heart rate. Basically, the heart rate is generally above 170-180 beats/min. If you don’t know how to judge, you can actually pass the heart rate To judge which exercise we are doing.


  What are the common strength exercises

   According to different parts of the exercise, we can all find different exercises. For example, if we choose to exercise the legs and buttocks, then we can choose squats, straight leg deadlifts, etc. The exercise effects are very good. Or if we choose to exercise chest exercises, there are common pull-ups, sitting chest expansion exercises, supine dumbbell fly, supine flat bench press, etc. As long as it is the part that needs to be exercised, you can basically find suitable movements.


  What are the common aerobic exercises

Common aerobic exercises include jogging, aerobic dancing, and brisk walking exercises that we often encounter in our lives. These exercises are very basic, but we must be able to persevere every time we exercise, so that the effect of exercise More obvious.